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Guide to the JobKeeper Scheme - by David Chin SC, Ian Neil SC and Chris Parkin

The Federal Government recently introduced the JobKeeper Payment for businesses struggling in Australia - a payment to secure jobs in our rapidly changing economy. A guide has been independently prepared by David Chin SC, Ian Neil SC and Chris Parkin, to provide an overview of the legal issues relating to this payment.*
We have organised a legal briefing with the authors to take place next Wednesday 22 April 2020, at 5PM, where each of the authors will be speaking to the guide, but also more broadly about employee rights in the age of COVID-19. From the legal position of stand downs to issues around temporary flexibility arrangements - the virus has seen a prevalence of new and novel employment law issues that warrant discussion.
* The NSW Society of Labor Lawyers was not involved in the drafting of the JobKeeper Payment Guide and, as per the Guide, the contents do not constitute legal advice, which should be sought to address your own, or your clients’, individual circumstances. Liability for reliance on the views expressed in the guide is excluded.

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