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Contribute to Legal Tweaks

Every year, the Society asks members of the legal profession one simple question: if you could change any regulation in Australia, what would you change, and why? The product of that discussion is Legal Tweaks, the annual publication of the NSW Society of Labor Lawyers.

Legal Tweaks is proudly sponsored by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, who carry on the inspiring legacy of Maurice McRae Blackburn, a champion lawyer and federal Labor MP. 

2021 Contributions

Legal Tweaks asks a simple question: what legislation would you change, and why?

The annual publication of the NSW Society of Labor Lawyers asks practitioners, academics and students to contribute their ideas on how the law can be 'tweaked' for the benefit of the community. Former contributors have included Deans of some of Australia's largest law schools, the former Director of Public Prosecutions, and state and federal members of parliament. The publication has previously addressed reform in the area of criminal justice, anti-discrimination, labour law, and many other areas.

Contributions to the 2021 Legal Tweaks are currently closed.