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Legal Tweaks 2013

Forward by Mark Dreyfus QC

We on the progressive side of politics do not accept the conservative view that catastrophe is the only legitimate impetus to social change. Rather, we hold that society is improved through a constant process of reform.

The reform of the law is an important part of this wider process of societal improvement, and I welcome the contribution of the NSW Society of Labor Lawyers to promoting law reform through this year’s edition of Legal Tweaks.

A particular strength of Legal Tweaks is that it is about starting a conversation about reform. Or perhaps more accurately, it is about starting dozens of conversations about a range of reform possibilities. And you certainly don’t have to agree with every suggestion in this publication to appreciate its value in encouraging discussion about change in the law. Another strength of Legal Tweaks is that it promotes the ideas of a wide range of practitioners and academics,many of who have long and deep experience in the particular area of law to which they are suggesting reform.

We can expect little interest in serious reform from the conservatives now governing in both Canberra and NSWSo I would take this opportunity to encourage all progressive lawyers to keep the conversation about reform alive and flowing. I have no doubt that the ideas in this edition of LegalTweaks will form a part of this essential conversation.