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New South Wales Society of Labor Lawyers is open to all progressive legal professionals, law makers, legal administrators, academics and law students who want to be involved in creating a more just and equitable society. You do not need to be a member of the Australian Labor Party to join Labor Lawyers. But we ask you not to hold membership in any other political party.

There are two options to join/renew:

N/B we are trialling an auto-renewing payment system with Option 1 (less admin for our limited resources). If you'd rather not have your membership auto-renew each year, go for Option 2

Option 1 - Online

The 'easy' way. Follow links below


    $10.00 yearly
    We need more students

    0 -5 Years PAE

    $25.00 yearly
    For those who've been admitted less than 5 years

    5 years +

    $50.00 yearly
    For the sage

Option 2 - Cheque or Cash

The 'more antiquated, fill-out-form-with-pen' way

Please fill out the membership form below by downloading it from the link below and return it via email to or by mailing it, accompanied by cheque or cash to New South Wales Society of Labor Lawyers Inc to:

New South Wales Society of Labor Lawyers
GPO Box 1216
Sydney NSW 2001

Payment using credit card can also be made by filling out the slip at the bottom of the membership form.


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