One Punch Laws Spell Injustice

The NSW Society of Labor Lawyers today expressed its disappointment and concern over the passage of the Crimes and Other Legislation Amendment (Assault and Intoxication) Bill 2014 through the NSW Parliament.

The Bill creates a new offence of “assault causing death”, and an aggravated form of that offence where the offender is an adult and is intoxicated. The aggravated intoxication offence carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 8 years imprisonment.

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High Court Decision a Win for Democracy

December 18 2013

The NSW Society of Labor Lawyers today welcomed the High Court’s decision holding parts of the O’Farrell government’s campaign finance laws unconstitutional.


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Bad Week For Refugee Law


The NSW Society of Labor Lawyers today condemned actions by the Federal Government this week to further restrict the ability of asylum seekers to access protection in Australia.


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Legal Tweaks 2013

Forward by Mark Dreyfus QC

We on the progressive side of politics do not accept the conservative view that catastrophe is the only legitimate impetus to social change. Rather, we hold that society is improved through a constant process of reform.

The reform of the law is an important part of this wider process of societal improvement, and I welcome the contribution of the NSW Society of Labor Lawyers to promoting law reform through this year’s edition of Legal Tweaks.

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Guest Blog: How To Solve The Problem of the Senate

Professor George WilliamsFollowing the Labor Lawyers Speaker Series Event at NSW Parliament House, Professor George Williams blogs about How to Solve the Problem of the Senate

There are a number of ways to measure the health of a voting system. For me, the most important is how well that system translates the preferences of voters into electoral outcomes.

Put simply, as far as is possible, the outcome should be determined by whom voters would actually like to see elected.

Unfortunately, the 2013 Senate elections failed this test.

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Legal Tweaks 2012

Forward by The Hon. Nicola Roxon MP

The legal practitioners profiled in this booklet are not all members of the Labor Party, or of the NSW Society of Labor Lawyers. But they share the Society’s desire to see sound, progressive law reform. This publication is a way for us to share their insights on how the law can be changed – ‘tweaked’’ – simply and effectively, for the benefit of the wider community.

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Society launched by Commonwealth Attorney-General

On Thursday night, Commonwealth Attorney-General Nicola Roxon MP officially launched the NSW Society of Labor Lawyers.

The launch, hosted by Slater & Gordon, was attended by over 100 guests, including current and former members of NSW parliament, members of the profession and law students.

The Attorney-General spoke of the affinity between the ideals of the legal profession and of the labour movement. She observed that both are committed to a fair and equitable society, and that Labor governments have delivered some of the most important legal reforms that Australians value: the Family Law Act, the Racial Discrimination Act, the Native Title Act, and more.

Hugh McDermott, President of the Society, outlined the purpose of re-forming a society for Labor lawyers, the work that has been done to re-establish the Society, and what the plans are for the future.Ms Roxon outlined her policy agenda, and noted the role that organizations such as the NSW Society of Labor Lawyers can play in assisting the Commonwealth Government to deliver progressive legal reform.

Hanna Quadrio, Vice President of the Society, offered a vote of thanks to Ms Roxon, and outlined the Society’s plan to put together a publication, 100 Legal Tweaks for Australia, and encouraged...

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